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What is a “Buy/Wanted” ad?

A “Buy” or “Wanted” ad is an ad placed by a user who is looking for the specified good or service, rather than selling one. They are generally similar.


You can look at all the “Buy” ads by clicking on “All Ads” in the Main Navigation Bar under the Keetro logo on any page on the website.


You can also see all “Wanted” ads on the Listings Search page by selecting the “Wanted” filter under Ad Type in the Search List window.


Browsing these sections is a great way to potentially increase the likelihood of selling your item or service because you may find someone who is looking for exactly what you are offering.


To post a “Buy” or “Wanted”, while posting an ad, select the two options under Ad Type and Ad Option in the “Enter Ad Details” step.


Browsing for Buy and Wanted ads:

»Step 1:

How to browse on Keetro for wanted ads


»Step 2:

Browse for wanted ads on Keetro


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