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Why can’t I register the name that I want?


There are a number of criteria when registering a username.


After filling out the Username field in the registration form, if correct, there will be a message stating: "The username is available!", or if incorrect: "Invalid Username!".


A username can be invalid for two main reasons:

»the username can already be in use by another user, or

»the username does not meet the requirements


Unfortunately, usernames can only be made up from one word (e.g. “keetro”, NOT “keetro classifieds”).


Underscores and dashes are allowed, therefore the previous example can become “keetro_classifieds” or “keetro-classifieds".


Numbers are also allowed, but not commas, brackets or symbols like: &, !, %, >, ?, etc.


How to register a username:

»Step 1:

How to register an account on Keetro


»Step 2:

How to register a user account on Keetro



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