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Renewing an ad on Keetro

There are two different ways to renew an ad on Keetro after it expires and they depend on what type of user you are, guest or registered.


If you have posted your ad using an account, then it is easy to renew! Just sign in, go to “My Listings” and then click on the “Renew” button on the right side. See the example below:


Keetro Registered User Ad Renewal


If you do not have a registered user account with us, then it is a bit more difficult to manage your ads, including renewing. In order to renew ads, guest users have to click on the link that you receive from your notification e-mails (titled “Your listing on Keetro will expire" or "Your listing on Keetro expired"). See the example below:


Keetro Guest User Ad Renewal Email



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