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Buy an interesting and informative book on important health matters

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I have a unique and useful health book to offer for sale. It is titled as ''A Treatise on Homoeopathic Help,Research and Allied Work.'' It contains useful information about various diseases like AIDS, Cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, kidney diseases and others. It is extremely informative for patients, doctors and common man alike. It has been published by Lambert Academic Publishing and is available on various prominent online book selling websites like Amazon and famous book stores around the world. It is priced at 79 Euros. It's link is: se-on-homoeopathic-help,-research-and-allied-work/isbn/978-3 -659-31425-4

Dr. P.S. Rawat,

Rudrapur, India


Category:Books & Magazines
Province: MANITOBA
City Area: Brandon
Ad Type: Offered
Ad Option: Buy
Price: $105.00
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Email Seller:
Name: Dr. P.S. Rawat  

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