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 Post a Banner on Keetro Classifieds

Post a Banner on Keetro Classifieds and advertise to your customers!

Banner Definition

A “banner” is a picture of your advertisement with a website URL link attached to it. When people view your banner, they can click on it to be directed to your website or a larger advertisement. You will be able to decide where your potential customers will be directed when they click on your banner.


Banner Benefits

Banners have considerably higher exposure in comparison to regular ads posted on Keetro. This is because they appear everywhere on the website in their designated locations, similar to advertisements in a traditional newspaper.  

Advertising with a banner on Keetro is easy and affordable! Just follow these 3 steps:


1) Decide where you would like your banner to appear on Keetro by choosing one of the main website pages.

The Banners are displayed below from most exposure (General Page) to least exposure (Listing Details):


General Page Banner

    General Page Banner Keetro Classifieds


Home Page Banner

Home Page Banner Keetro Classifieds


Listings Page Banner

Listings Page Banner Keetro Classifieds


Listing Details Banner

Listing Details Banner Keetro Classifieds

Contact Us

Have a question? Contact us!
The Headers and Footer on most of Keetro's website pages. Learn more   Banners appearing only on the home page: Learn more    Appear on the Ad Search Page when a search is done. Learn more    Appear on an ad's page reached by clicking for more details. Learn more



2) Send us an email with the subject "Keetro Banner" by using the Contact Form


Your email needs to include:


a) The banner location that you have chosen (Home Page, Left Side Banner, etc.)


b) An attached picture file of the banner you would like to have displayed. Your picture should be the same size dimensions as the type of banner you have selected.

c) A URL link associated with your banner. If you are redirecting your customers to your personal website, you can include your website as your URL link.


*Please note that your banner will be analyzed prior to being posted. Your banner must meet the Terms and Conditions of Use of Keetro. Your banner will not be posted if it contains prohibited or inappropriate content. 


3) Next, you need to complete the transaction through PayPal by clicking on the "Buy Now" button located in the respective main website page you chose in Step 1. Please be advised that an incomplete payment will result in the rejection of your banner. 


Step 2 and Step 3 can be done at the same time.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Thank you for advertising on Keetro!

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