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Buying a Home

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If you’re thinking of buying a home, our 7 person purchasing
team headed by a senior Team Leader who handles the actual
negotiation part of the transaction can deliver and negotiate
the perfect home tailored to your lifestyle.
Our team members are all experienced, professional and
trained to make sure we listen to your needs and deliver on
them without trying to push properties on you that may not be
the best fit for you.
We have only one concern and that is to deliver a property that
fits in a timely manner.
All home purchasing clients will get 25% cash back* on any
commissions earned as a result of your completed home
Call 416-644-6666 for details.
Giving You
Choices Like No Other.™

Category:Other Real Estate
Province: ONTARIO
City Area: Toronto
Ad Type: Offered
Ad Option: Free
Contact Info
Email Seller:
Address: 503 Centennial Road North

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