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Ivy and Lewie's CKC REG. Yorkie puppies will be great family pets, are non-shedding, hypo-allergenic and are home-raised.
I have been breeding Yorkies for 20 years and have had many families return for companion puppies. They will be ready to join their new families on Sat. Aug.20th. They will not be so small to trip over, but small enough to cuddle on your lap or go for a good walk or run with you! The adult weight should be between 5 and 7 pounds, the same as Ivy & Lewie who are featured, but not for sale.

The puppy:

- will be vet checked, with a vet certificate verifying good health
- will have had the first vaccine and will have been dewormed
- has a two year hereditary health guarantee
- will be micro-chipped
- will be registered at the CKC in a name of your choosing

goes home with:

- a DVD about training your puppy
- puppy food, a puppy bed, collar and leash
- instructions on house training and puppy care
- a lifetime of friendship

To ensure the good health of your puppy as an adult, the puppy is sold with a written commitment to neuter by 6 months of age. This will prevent prostate cancer in a male. A male will squat all his life to urinate and will remain more like a puppy, not acquiring the adult male traits.Early neutering will not affect the growth and development of your puppy.

Sign into your own Facebook page, then type in the search bar at the top to view videos, photos and comments posted by families who have our puppies.

Email references from previous owners will be included in my reply.
Please include your phone number in your inquiry. My phone number will be in my reply. PLEASE email DIRECTLY TO to inquire about the puppy.

Category:Dogs & Puppies
Province: ONTARIO
City Area: Sudbury
Ad Type: Offered
Ad Option: Sell

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